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Small and Mid-Size Business Services

Sound Business Management Knowledge Backed by Unbiased, Cutting-edge IT Expertise

Financials, sales, inventory, payroll, business process management: as your business grows, so must your processes. Hire an internationally-recognized business management consultant and software expert who will show you precisely where your business can benefit from systematization and automation.

Our Proven Process

BSI Consulting handles SME ERP Projects in four steps designed to assess and address the specific needs of your company, while getting your team on board, and keeping them on track.


Step 1Discovery

Your first step is to contact us for your free consultation.
During and after the free consultation, BSI will assess your company based on the best practices of your Industry.

After discovering your specific needs, we can usually make a recommendation about what kind of technology you will need to facilitate the needed change within your organization.


Step 2Consultation

BSI will review in-depth all the technologies and business processes that you currently have in place. Our recommendations for streamlining your company will be based both on the potential for technological automation, and cultural change within the company. Within a day or two, we should be able to give you very specific recommendations about what changes will improve your bottom line and streamline your business processes.


Step 3Execution

BSI Consulting can manage the execution of your process improvements.
Once we’ve determined what technological solution is a best fit for your company, we will work alongside your team to implement that solution at every level of your business, reporting weekly to you on the progress of the project, and facilitating the task of keeping everyone on budget and on time.


Step 4Maintenance

Finally, BSI will always be there to help maintain your long-term solution.We will make sure you have a plan in place, and that all members of your organization are on the same page. We will ensure not only that your new systems and processes are in place, but that the work culture required to keep them intact (for example, consistent data entry) is well-established. Contact BSI Consulting today, and let’s get this project going

Software Services

Most businesses don’t know the full power of Quickbooks.

It is much more than an accounting software.

BSI Consulting is versed in most of the software used to run businesses, however our primary focus for smaller businesses is on Quickbooks, and whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re upgrading your use of Quickbooks, BSI can audit your business, determine exactly what processes your business needs to streamline performance and improve your bottom line.

We will help you implement the best software solution, including QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier, Accountant Edition, or QuickBooks Enterprise, and get you set up with the processes that will get your business running at maximum efficiency!

Quickbooks is a way to design your business systems, and create simple, satisfyingly efficient processes out of repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Especially for small contractors working alone, small tasks like receipt collecting and storing can add a lot of unnecessary work to the project of managing a business. Then your accountant has to bill for sifting through your pile of receipts. What if you could just take a picture of your receipt, categorize the expense, and have a permanent record of it within Quickbooks with the amounts credit or debited from the appropriate accounts? Then your accountant only needs to reconcile your books. It’s much easier, and far less time-consuming, and it doesn’t add any time. This is just one example of how BSI Consulting can leverage Quickbooks and its related software to systematically solve recurring business headaches

Quickbooks is a dynamic software that can communicate with many other business applications and processes. Point of sale, finance, manufacturing or time-tracking, whatever is not handled by the Quickbooks core software may be handled by a third party peripheral. BSI Consulting knows them all. Most of these peripheral software are able to reduce the labour associated with data entry to nearly zero.

BSI Consulting will guide you through the process of setup and installation of QuickBooks. Then, after having implemented all the systems within Quickbooks that your company needs. We will teach your team exactly how to maintain all your new business processes within Quickbooks.

Quickbooks is capable of building useful reports from your company’s Data. When BSI Consulting audits your business, one thing we will take into consideration is what kind of reporting functionalities you will require. A lot can be handled by Quickbooks, including profit & loss, expenses, inventory and payroll. If you need a more complex suite of reporting services, Microsoft BI can provide whatever data reporting your company needs. BSI Consulting will determine your reporting needs, advise you on the right solution, set it up, and teach you, or your staff to run your own reports.

There are thousands of business software packages. Your company may be using Sage, Accpacc, Windward, or any number of relatively unknown software packages. If you’ve you’ve been using such a system for years, and you’re not happy with it, the idea of migrating to a new system will be both enticing and revolting. Not only do you have to find a way to fill the gap in operations for the time your system is down, but there is also the cost of migrating all that data into a new system. Still, it may not be as hard as you think. If you’re considering migrating to QuickBooks (or from QuickBooks to a more complex ERP), it doesn’t have to ruin your whole month. Contact BSI Consulting for a free consultation and assessment of your systems.

Your business is growing, you’re using Quickbooks, and you think you’ve reached its limitations, so you’re considering SAP or Oracle, or some larger enterprise ERP. What you may not realize is that QuickBooks has an innumerable suite of third-party software dealing with all aspects of running a larger business. (Point of Sales , Detailed Manufacturing , Advanced Sales , Advanced Procurements , CRM, International Payoll). A huge spend on a new ERP is not necessarily in your future if two or three third-party applications added to QuickBooks will keep your operations running smoothly. Contact BSI Consulting today

We can lead training for you and your team in Quickbooks either in person or via Skype or Zoom. Especially for larger SMEs, a cultural change is always required when new systems are brought online. Fortunately QuickBooks is a convenient, easy-to-use software and the training and change management demands are easily met, except in the most complicated cases. BSI Consulting can train your team on every aspect of QuickBooks and related third Party Software.

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Our QuickBooks experts are here to provide the professional business management solution and technology consulting services your growing business needs. Having performed hundreds of QuickBooks data conversions, and hundreds of other QuickBooks engagements in North America and Middle East, we have the knowledge and experience you can rely on in a business partner. Get help with implementing and optimizing the right solution for your business.

Business Services

Financial Expertise at Your Fingertips

If you’re a growing business, and you need a CFO, but you can’t yet afford the services of a full-time CFO, contracting a part-time CFO will give you the essential financial services you need. BSI Consulting can help you. BSI has years of experience in SME and Large Enterprise financials.

Services Provided By An Outsourced CFO

  • Liaison with bankers, attorneys, vendors, insurance agents, etc.
  • Assistance in obtaining financing from banks, including assistance with negotiations.
  • Find inefficiencies and address them to generate cost savings at every level of your business
  • Cost / revenue benefit analysis & profitability analysis by service or product line.
  • Training and managing your accounting staff including development of company accounting procedure manuals.
  • Software selection and implementation.
  • Most noteworthy, improve your financial forecasting and modeling.
  • In-depth financial analysis and reporting with improved quality and timeliness of financial information.
  • Custom designed policies and procedures.
  • Budget & Forecasting preparation, reporting, & monitoring.
  • Analysis of equipment purchases, expansions, etc.
  • A professional who establishes strong financial controls in your business to reduce employee theft and increase profits.
  • Manage the especially cumbersome duties of treasury / cash management.

BPM (Business Process Management). Using cutting edge IT, BSI Consulting helps you find a systematic approach to every process in your business. Book your business management consultant today for a free consultation.

When an Accountant is not Enough

If you’re like many small to medium enterprises (SMEs), you’ve started out with an accountant running your books using Sage, or Quickbooks.
Both are powerful software capable of streamlining many financial processes including inventory, accounts receivables and payables, payroll, and perhaps between you and your accountant, so far, you’ve managed.
But when a business outgrows your company’s financial expertise, then you lose money to inefficiency.

Really an accountant is a business management consultant for bookkeeping, but all your other business process require a management plan.

So, let a long-standing professional CFO who knows your software inside and out come and audit your systems.

Very Small Things that Affect your Bottom Line

A business’s bottom line is fragile. There are more ways to lose money in business than you can imagine. 2 or 3 dollars here and there over thousands of actions and transactions adds up quickly, and can ruin a profit margin or worse, lead to insolvency. Lost time is also lost money and when business processes are poorly defined, systemic inefficiency causes lost time and productivity. BSI Consulting will audit your software and processes, and show you how simple it can be to save your business’s profit margins. For all these reasons, streamlining processes so that they take less time is absolutely essential in avoiding cumulative loss. BSI Consulting can help find all the places where your business is losing money, and losing time. By re-engineering your processes, your experienced business management consultant will save you precious percentage points on your business’s bottom line. Contact us today to book a free consultation.

BSI’s ERP Expertise

As an independent business IT consultancy with a flexible knowledge of many established business software, there is no better advisor in the market to audit your business and tell you exactly what software will facilitate the kind of processes that will get your business running with maximum possible efficiency.

We have experience in sales, manufacturing, warehousing, and inventory as well as accounting. Whatever your business is, BSI Consulting can see it from all sides, from the very beginning of planning to the final stages of operations. Your business management consultant brings a complete understanding of business processes to all parts of your daily operations. Find out how we can help. Book your free consultation today.