SME Small to Medium Enterprise

SME or Small to Medium Enterprise, Depending on the country, the size of the enterprise can be categorized based on the number of employees, annual sales, assets, or any combination of these. It may also vary from industry to industry.
Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) make up the vast majority of businesses in most countries.
North America SME Definition (Average Statistics) Small business has fewer than 100 employees (if the business is a goods-producing business) or fewer than 50 employees (if the business is a service-based business). A firm that has more employees than these cut-offs but fewer than 500 employees is classified as a medium-sized business.
A micro-business is defined as a business with fewer than five employees.
Middle East SME Definition (Average Statistics) Defines Micro-enterprises to have up to 10 employees, Small enterprises up to 50, and Medium-size ones up to 150 employees.