Part-Time CFO Services

Financial Statement Analysis, Business Advising

Everyone sees things differently. As a business owner, no one sees your business quite like you do, but, sometimes a neutral expert can help you see things in a new light. Every business can benefit from a Chief Financial Officer even if it doesn't make sense to hire a full-time one. We understand what running a business day-to-day is like.

What you get with Part Time CFO Services

20+ Years Experience (CPAs, CAs , CMAs) Each one of the Part Time CFO Services’ team members are proven leaders and team players who bring valuable insights to your business by leveraging their diverse experience.

Financing and Cash Flow

    “Cash is king” Without sufficient access to funds for wages, accounts receivables, inventory, equipment and loan commitments, even a profitable company can become insolvent. We can provide the following insights and services to help you remain profitable


  • Implementation and supervision of sales pipeline and forecasting methodologies
  • Implementation and supervision of financial processes and controls
  • Prepare draft financial statements and support to the external financial statement audit process
  • Recruitment and supervision of finance and administrative staff.
  • Preparation and reporting of budgets, multi-year projections and financial results;(including forecast balance sheets and cash flow statements). Obtain Updated forecasts with “what-if” scenarios.
  • Review / Implement policies and procedures.
  • Find non-core functions that can be outsourced in order to reduce fixed costs.
  • Determine your break-even point so you know which contracts to accept or reject.
  • Preparation for and attendance at meetings of the Board and Audit Committees; Identification, tracking and reporting of Key Performance Indicators;that you can review on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These should cover financial, sales and marketing, operational and employee metrics

Finance Coaching for non-Finance

Many sales leaders and executives find great value in increasing their financial acumen. We’ve worked with some of the best sales leaders and executives in business, translating Finance Strategy into Business Strategy. Through facilitation courses with teams or 1:1 coaching sessions, we are here to help simplify the world of Corporate Finance.