March 24, 2020

Customer Story: Kier Group PLC

When Keir adopted Microsoft 365 E5, the visibility it provided immediately allowed them to detect hackers across the globe using compromised credentials to gain access to Keir's systems. They stopped over 90,000 intrusion attempts in the first month alone. Innovative systems, visibility, and ease of use enable Keir to reduce their response times to such attacks from weeks to mere hours, allowing them to spend more time growing and improving their business. What new security insights are waiting for you? BSIcons Software Consulting is ready to help you find out.
March 24, 2020

Meet The Chef S2E4 | Marcelo Ballardin – Oak

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March 24, 2020

Microsoft Education: Every Student Has a Voice

As individuals, students carry within them a variety of interests and potential for multiple talents. If we encourage our students to pursue their passions, shouldn't we encourage them to pursue all of them? The tools provided through Microsoft Education can support students as they pursue a variety of interests from engineering to poetry. At BSIcons Software Consulting, we want to support our students becoming both anything and everything they want. Because why shouldn't the next great work of literature come from a scientist?
March 24, 2020

Easy Management Solution for Your Office 365 Customer’s Security

About half of IT incidents in SMBs are caused by human errors made with productivity tools. With Microsoft Office 365 being the world's most used productivity suite, it's no surprise it's also a top target for cyber attack. Thanks to Office Protect from SherWeb, BSIcons Software Consulting can bring you peace of mind. Here's how.
March 18, 2020

AI leveling the playing field with Dynamics 365

Many small businesses disregard AI, believing it to be another tool exclusively useful and only available to larger organizations. This couldn't be further from the truth. AI is actually easier for smaller businesses to implement, as they are still growing and developing their systems. They have the opportunity to incorporate AI into the fabric of their business processes from the beginning. AI can also be extremely useful, handling data and providing insights that most small businesses would not have the staffing to get otherwise, and providing access to the same smart decision-making tools as larger corporations at an affordable cost.