April 7, 2020

Customer Story: School gets future ready with Windows 10 devices, Office 365, and STEM curriculum

No one person can be an expert on everything, and this applies to teachers as well. When it comes to STEM areas where many are unfamiliar, technology can give them access to tools and other educators who can help them confidently expand their STEM curriculums. Similarly, students can't be expected to resonate with every subject taught. More STEM in the classroom offers exposure to a wider variety of subjects and activities, increasing the likelihood that students find a subject they're passionate about. At BSIcons Software Consulting, we want to help your teachers bring exciting new content into their classrooms.
April 7, 2020

These Are The Five Most Dangerous Email Attachments

Worried about employees clicking on malicious email attachments? Check out this article. It highlights the 5 file types employees are most likely to see in a malicious email and how to identify them. For a deeper dive, contact BSIcons Software Consulting to request a full training session.
April 1, 2020

Making the Shift to a Modern Desktop with Microsoft 365

A modern desktop is one that should continually add value to your operations without adding complexity. Luckily, this technology not only exists, but it is easy to implement into your workplace. A well thought out plan is the key to a smooth transition. From device readiness to deployment to user training, we at BSIcons Software Consulting are ready to help you every step of the way. The benefits of a modern desktop are waiting, and your path to get there has never been more clear. Contact us to get started.
April 1, 2020

Building Collaborative Teaching Communities

The world is changing so fast and a single teacher cannot be expected to keep up with all the shifting trends and emerging tools. But all educators together, each helping one another continually learn and grow professionally? Now that's a powerful force. We spend so much time focusing on putting tools into the hands of students, but impactful student learning starts with the continual collaboration and learning of our educators. Tools like Microsoft Teams foster this connection in an easy-to-use and time-effective manner. That's why Catholic Education Western Australia implemented it into their school system. Contact us to learn more about what their success could mean for your district.
March 31, 2020

Windows 10 helps prepare students for the future with skills needed for work and life

34% less time spent by school IT departments on security issues and stronger protections overall? Yeah, schools deserve that too. Today, there is so much focus on the cybersecurity of businesses, the threats they face, and the solutions available to them, that we often overlook the fact that our schools are at risk too. Schools need and, more importantly, deserve stellar security as much as any for-profit business. That is why Windows 10 made security both more effective and more manageable than ever. BSIcons Software Consulting is ready to help you take control of your school's security.